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Please follow the below steps to setup Windows Server OS in your VPS:

Step 1: Login to using the credentials shared with you in your welcome email.

Step 2: Click on the Manage button in the corresponding instance which you want to update it to Windows OS



Step 3: Click on the Settings tab in the opened window, under which click Change OS option then select the desired Windows OS version. 


Finally click on the Change OS button to update the instance.

NOTE: * Warning: Changing to a different operating system will wipe all the data on your server.


Step 4: Now your instance is being rebuilt, please check the tasks tab to check the status of the task in your instance.



Step 5:  Click on the console button to access the Server through VNC Console.



Step 6: Finalize the initial setup like Country and language selection, License agreement, and Administrator password setup.


Click Next Button.


Click Accept button to agree the License terms and conditions.


Enter the password and reconfirm the password for your windows vps and then click on the Finish button.


Step 7: Congratulations! Your windows server is all set, please login to your server.



Note: Once you are done you can access your server using RDP.



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