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How Install Recipes in instance Print

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Welcome to our User Friendly Hypervisor Panel.

  1. Click on https://panel.readydedis.com/login to login to your Client Area.

  2. Enter your registered user credentials to login. 

  3. You will be redirected to your dashboard after successful login. 

  4. Click on the Create drop down button on top of your instances dashboard, then select the New Recipe option.


    You can also create recipe from the Recipes Menu.

  5. Enter the Recipe name and the script then click create to save it. Here we have taken a sample code to install nginx if it is not installed already.

    You will receive a confirmation status message.

  6. To view and manage the recipes click on the Recipe menu.

  7. Click on the Instance and access the instance dashboard, select the required instance and click Manage button.

    Note: The recipes can only be executed for Linux machines.

    Select Settings tab then click Install Recipe option. Select the created Recipe from the options and then click Install button.

    Confirmation status message will appear. 

  8. Click on the restart or stop/start button to reboot the instance to execute the recipe.

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